Austin Symphonic Band

Austin Symphonic Band  

Amanda Turley | |  (512) 956-7420 

Mission Statement: The Austin Symphonic Band is a group of volunteer musicians who combine their talents and services to provide performances of artistic merit for the benefit of Band members, audiences, and the Austin community.

Geographic service area: Central Texas: Austin Civic Wind Ensemble, Waterloo Wind Band

Project Scope



There are a variety of issues that they have with the current site and essentially want us to go down the list until we run out of time.  They are listed in order of preference, but would need to work with the stakeholder during the weekend to ensure they get the most bang for the time.


  1. Keyword focused redirect links to landing pages for each of our 3 season concerts and one for donations

    1. Want to have friendly-urls for each of their three concerts and one for donations.  Right now urls are not friendly (

    2. Ideally would want a way to configure this on the admin side

  2. Want a page in the members area for people to sign up for the concerts they want to play

    1. No rules to enforce around how many of each instrument can sign up for a concert

    2. Need an admin page to define what concerts are open to have signups

    3. need to add all this data to SQL Server

  3. Make the "Sign up for our email list" stuff more prominent

    1. Right now it is in a scroller at the bottom of the page and easy to miss

  4. Allow high res images on the photo pages

    1. Right now you can not pull up a high res image on the photo page, just a thumbnail that clicks to a low res version

    2. Want to be able to upload high res images and see them as high res when clicking on the thumbnail

      1. Current images are likely already uploaded at low res so cannot be fixe it would be for future images

      2. Probably have to change code to keep it from compressing image on upload

  5. See more info on members in the admin member list

    1. Right now have to click into each member to determine if the person is active, part time, on hiatus, etc.  Would like this to just be info available on the list and only click edit if you want to change it

    2. Would like to be able to export this list to CSV as well

  6. "Buy Tickets" button on each concert page with configurable link

    1. Each page already had a configurable link for buying tickets would just like to add a nice eye catching image rather then have it just a text link

  7. Update Audio Player for mobile

    1. Right now this is a flash component and so does not work on mobile, would like to update it so it can run on mobile

  8. Rich text email and attachments for bulk email

    1. Could add TinyMCE for the rich text editing at least

  9. Show prospective members/subs in different location or a filter on the members list page

    1. Right now these are all in a separate database but would like to bring them into the SQL Server database with some flag to differentiate them from current members

    2. Would like to have a page to see all these people and could be the same page members are already listed but must provide easy filtering so they can look at just active members if they want


Currently we will have access to a copy of the source code and database.  We will be working to try and have access to the actual production site during GiveCamp.  There is no current source control so if we have multiple people working on it at GiveCamp we would want to load it up in github probably.

The code is PHP and the backing database is SQL Server

I feel that we could for sure do numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, 8.  Depending on what components already exist numbers 1 and 7 are also likely candidates.  Numbers 2 and 9 seem the largest lifts.

Project #2


Would like to show a curated twitter feed on screens in the venue before the concert and during intermissions


It would be greenfield, something like our Headspring bragboard but backed by a twitter feed.  The tweets cannot automatically show up, a human will have to approve each one that can be shown.


Erin indicated Ben mentioned there is some tooling out there for this, and if so it is feasible in a weekend. I do not believe it is feasible if from scratch.


Project #1 is a higher priority then Project #2 because the first project is fixing what is broken while the second project is a new, shiny nice to have.


Project Scoper - Shawn Peterson

Organisation Contact for Scoping - Erin Knight