Capital IDEA

Capital IDEA


Liz Ramon | (512) 485-9341 |

Mission Statement: Our mission is to lift working adults out of poverty and into living wage careers through education.

Geographic Service Area: Travis County, Williamson County; Organizations providing similar services: Workforce Solutions, Austin Community College


Project Scope

Option 1: Integration with MailChimp

  • CapitalIDEA’s subscribe to mailing list doesn’t send out automatic emails when someone subscribes to them.

  • Solution

    • Update the subscription page - make it easier to find in the site

    • Configure this to automatically send out an email when someone subscribes to a mailer

Option 2: Forward to a Friend link

  • Encourage and ease word-of-mouth sharing by adding a “Forward to a Friend” button on the Career Expressway site

  • Clicking this button would open a form to enter one or multiple recipient email addresses

  • Message to be sent can be displayed (editable or not), or allow for an additional personal message to be added above

  • Submitting the form will send the info to their friend(s); not necessarily subscribe them to a list


Scope (Option 1)

Goal 1:  Redesign the mailing list page and make it easier to find

Goal 2: Utilize mail-chimp to send an automatic email based on their preferences (using MailChimp customizable forms)

  • Include a checkbox if they want more information about applying to the program

Goal 3:  Eliminate the need to login to Neon to update email preferences (MailChimp can handle this)

Goal 4: Training on how to create a customizable campaign with MailChimp

Goal 5: (Nice to have) Create a forward to a friend mechanism with MailChimp


Scope (Option 2)

1.     Having multiple lists is confusing. Too many options and the form is too long.

a.       Registering needs to be easier. How do I make registering for our mailing list simple and still have enough information to segment my audiences based on their preferences? Right now I have five mailing lists.

b.       Capturing email preferences. Currently a subscriber has to create a Neon account and login to update their email preferences. The login portal is hard to navigate and I’ve had trouble configuring that. I’d prefer to use the Neon portal for donors only and not have mailing list subscribers log in. How do I allow mailing list subscribers to update preferences? Should I worry about that? Specifically…

                  Can they update their own email address?

                  Can they elect to get information for just their county?

                  Can they opt out of donation solicitation emails?

                  Where should this information be captured, in Neon or in MailChimp?

2.       How do I use our email list to help with our recruiting efforts?

How do I know if the person subscribing to our email list is a potential applicant; someone who has come to our site because they might be interested in applying to our program but they want more information? Should I worry about that, or just treat all new subscribers the same?

How do I trigger an automatic email to new subscribers?

What action item should be in that automatic email? Do I ask them to send us more information about them? Do I give them the option to request a phone call?  If so, do I need a form setup to allow them to take one or more of these steps?

Should a second or third automatic email be planned out as well? Is that possible in MailChimp?

Since there is a Neon events WP widget, should our automatic emails encourage people to register for an event? Right now we don’t ask people to register to our outreach events, they can just show up.