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Mission Statement: Girlstart’s mission is to increase girls’ interest and engagement in STEM through innovative, nationally-recognized informal STEM education programs. By empowering more girls to continue STEM studies, we can help address our nation’s STEM workforce inequities and impact innovation and economic development in America and across the globe. To accomplish its mission, Girlstart develops and implements a range of innovative, research- and standards-based education programs designed to promote girls’ early engagement and academic success in STEM, encourage girls' aspirations and persistence in STEM education and careers, and incubate a talented and diverse STEM workforce. Girlstart aspires to be the national leader in designing and implementing innovative, high quality informal STEM education programs that inspire girls to transform our world.

Project Scope


Need a way to access DeSTEMber activities on a mobile specific view. Needs to work well on phones/tablets and be device agnostic.


Mobile friendly version of DeSTEMber calendar in their existing Joomla site.


Girlstart will provide word docs/pdfs of DeSTEMber activity content. Need a somewhat friendly way to create new years and upload new activities for them. Also need to be able to unlock activities on a weekly basis (not all are viewable at the outset).

They have an existing Joomla site with DeSTEMber calendar ( They will provide access to their Joomla hosting. Not opposed to other hosting solutions, but it would be easiest to integrate with their existing platform. They currently use Host Gator.

Things to get before GiveCamp weekend

  • Current web site assets

  • Word Docs & PDFs of DeSTEMber activities

  • HostGator/Joomla credentials for access to existing site