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Mission Statement: The Grief to Peace project is dedicated to promote hope for our service members, veterans, and their families that have suffered visible or invisible injuries of war, as well as for any adult or child experiencing the devastating loss of a loved one.

Geographic service area: When Vets Gather TV series is airing in Ft. Hood area, soon Laredo and Austin PAC with others in future. Episodes posted on Worldwide Web. Other orgs doing this?

Project Scope


They recently launched a new service that has a different audience but has to use the same web page.  They originally wanted us to create a new site and split out the content on their current site appropriately.  However, their current site is in wordpress and the person who was maintaining it has been deployed to Afghanistan and so is no longer able to assist them.  So we recommended, and they agreed, that we should split the site and move both sites to Squarespace.  Richard did want to be sure he could observe the developers using this site so he could learn how to work with it himself.  They also had a few extra features that if time allows they would like to see added (those will be listed in solution)


Main goal of the weekend is to stand up two Squarespace sites and move the appropriate content from the current Wordpress site to each of them.  I have attached a word document with powerpoint slide that is cross referenced to explain what content will go to what site as well as some of the extras they would like if there is time.

The extra wish list items are as follows:

  1. Google Calendar filtering by distance

    1. Right now all of their events show on a google calendar on their site but they would like people to be able to filter by proximity to them so they do not see a lot of events they cannot attend

  2. There is a scrolling picture widget at the bottom of the page they want to be at the top instead

  3. Right now they have information about national resources on their site.  They would like to have a password protected area where peer leaders can post local resources that can be seen by everyone


They are prepared to pay for two Squarespace sites at the lowest level since all they need to do is accept donations.