KnockOut Volleyball, Inc.

KnockOut Volleyball, Inc.

Thia Coward | |  (512) 636-3612

Mission Statement: KnockOutVolleyball, Inc. is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit created in order to serve as an outreach program to provide access to individuals with limited financial means that would otherwise exclude them from participating in competitive club volleyball outside of the school day, establishing an atmosphere where all players and family members feel a sense of belonging.

Geographic Service Area: Austin, and surrounding area. Austin performance volleyball, Austin Juniors Volleyball.

Project Scope


After sitting with Thia to talk about the two projects she submitted, we came to the conclusion that Project #1 wasn't doable in a weekend (build a mobile app for inter-team communication) and Project #2 could be done, although there wouldn't be much to be gained, so we're not going to do that either.

We're going to work a project that'll transform their current site to help resolve some of administrative issues they are facing today.

The problem that Knockout Volleyball faces is that to sign up for their leagues, you have a fill out a paper form someone from the non-profit (Thia) loads that information into a master spreadsheet. At times, Thia may have several dozen applications to load into the spreadsheet which can cause a bit of a delay between when someone signs up and when they'll be contacted for the first time.  Building a site the would allow people to sign up online would be a huge help in allow more kids into the problem even faster.  Along with the ability to have players sign up online, she'd like the ability to take donations to Knockout Volleyball as well as sell merchandise.   

There is also another aspect we could look at during the weekend and that is to make a recommendation on a mass texting platform. A lot of the team communication happens via text, right now it's just groups that are held on Thia's husband's phone.  I believe we could at a minimum, make a recommendation for a platform they could utilize to assist with texting players, coaches, teams and leagues.


Thia's site is a Wordpress site. so the first solution that came to mind was to determine if there are some plugins we could leverage to capture signup information, take non-profit donations and sell merchandise. I'm not confident we could find a combination on plugins that would end up working for Knockout Volleyball. I did speak to Thia about the possibility to paying for a service (like Squarespace), which could give her all of the functionality she wants for a nominal cost.  She seemed open to the idea,at first, and once I showed her all it could do, she really got excited about using it.

It would be my recommendation that we move her site over to Squarespace during the GiveCamp weekend.  Squarespace has the ability to create custom forms (backed by Google Spreadsheets and Mailchimp), take donations, sell merchandise and it s a completely responsive site that would allow players/coaches/parents to access information on whatever platform they choose.