Libraries of Love

Libraries of Love

Trudy Marshall | |  (512) 461-7274

The purpose of Libraries of Love is to partner with Africans to create libraries in individual schools. Through reading,students will develop a love or literature, as well as strengthen their knowledge in each curriculum subject area. Lifelong readers becomme lifelong learners. Therefore, the libraries will serve as bridges to a better future for the children of Uganda.

At present:
36 school libraries
36 sponsored children
1 student in college (six college graduates)
food program feeding 40 children a day.

Mission Statement: Each library is well stocked and organized. Each is a life-time commitment. We constantly train librarians, staff, and principals. Libraries are restocked as books are worn or lost. As Director, I live in Uganda six months each year.

Geographic service area: Austin area. Other organizations provide books, but we haven't found organizations that provide actual libraries that are comparable to libraries in America.

Project Scope


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