Austin Symphonic Band  

Amanda Turley | |  (512) 956-7420 

Mission Statement: The Austin Symphonic Band is a group of volunteer musicians who combine their talents and services to provide performances of artistic merit for the benefit of Band members, audiences, and the Austin community.

Geographic service area: Central Texas: Austin Civic Wind Ensemble, Waterloo Wind Band

Project Scope

Project #1


There are a variety of issues that they have with the current site and essentially want us to go down the list until we run out of time.  They are listed in order of preference, but would need to work with the stakeholder during the weekend to ensure they get the most bang for the time.


  1. Keyword focused redirect links to landing pages for each of our 3 season concerts and one for donations
    1. Want to have friendly-urls for each of their three concerts and one for donations.  Right now urls are not friendly (
    2. Ideally would want a way to configure this on the admin side
  2. Want a page in the members area for people to sign up for the concerts they want to play
    1. No rules to enforce around how many of each instrument can sign up for a concert
    2. Need an admin page to define what concerts are open to have signups
    3. need to add all this data to SQL Server
  3. Make the "Sign up for our email list" stuff more prominent
    1. Right now it is in a scroller at the bottom of the page and easy to miss
  4. Allow high res images on the photo pages
    1. Right now you can not pull up a high res image on the photo page, just a thumbnail that clicks to a low res version
    2. Want to be able to upload high res images and see them as high res when clicking on the thumbnail
      1. Current images are likely already uploaded at low res so cannot be fixe it would be for future images
      2. Probably have to change code to keep it from compressing image on upload
  5. See more info on members in the admin member list
    1. Right now have to click into each member to determine if the person is active, part time, on hiatus, etc.  Would like this to just be info available on the list and only click edit if you want to change it
    2. Would like to be able to export this list to CSV as well
  6. "Buy Tickets" button on each concert page with configurable link
    1. Each page already had a configurable link for buying tickets would just like to add a nice eye catching image rather then have it just a text link
  7. Update Audio Player for mobile
    1. Right now this is a flash component and so does not work on mobile, would like to update it so it can run on mobile
  8. Rich text email and attachments for bulk email
    1. Could add TinyMCE for the rich text editing at least
  9. Show prospective members/subs in different location or a filter on the members list page
    1. Right now these are all in a separate database but would like to bring them into the SQL Server database with some flag to differentiate them from current members
    2. Would like to have a page to see all these people and could be the same page members are already listed but must provide easy filtering so they can look at just active members if they want


Currently we will have access to a copy of the source code and database.  We will be working to try and have access to the actual production site during GiveCamp.  There is no current source control so if we have multiple people working on it at GiveCamp we would want to load it up in github probably.

The code is PHP and the backing database is SQL Server

I feel that we could for sure do numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, 8.  Depending on what components already exist numbers 1 and 7 are also likely candidates.  Numbers 2 and 9 seem the largest lifts.

Project #2


Would like to show a curated twitter feed on screens in the venue before the concert and during intermissions


It would be greenfield, something like our Headspring bragboard but backed by a twitter feed.  The tweets cannot automatically show up, a human will have to approve each one that can be shown.


Erin indicated Ben mentioned there is some tooling out there for this, and if so it is feasible in a weekend. I do not believe it is feasible if from scratch.


Project #1 is a higher priority then Project #2 because the first project is fixing what is broken while the second project is a new, shiny nice to have.


Project Scoper - Shawn Peterson

Organisation Contact for Scoping - Erin Knight

Capital IDEA


Liz Ramon | (512) 485-9341 |

Mission Statement: Our mission is to lift working adults out of poverty and into living wage careers through education.

Geographic Service Area: Travis County, Williamson County; Organizations providing similar services: Workforce Solutions, Austin Community College


Project Scope

Option 1: Integration with MailChimp

  • CapitalIDEA’s subscribe to mailing list doesn’t send out automatic emails when someone subscribes to them.

  • Solution

    • Update the subscription page - make it easier to find in the site

    • Configure this to automatically send out an email when someone subscribes to a mailer

Option 2: Forward to a Friend link

  • Encourage and ease word-of-mouth sharing by adding a “Forward to a Friend” button on the Career Expressway site

  • Clicking this button would open a form to enter one or multiple recipient email addresses

  • Message to be sent can be displayed (editable or not), or allow for an additional personal message to be added above

  • Submitting the form will send the info to their friend(s); not necessarily subscribe them to a list


Scope (Option 1)

Goal 1:  Redesign the mailing list page and make it easier to find

Goal 2: Utilize mail-chimp to send an automatic email based on their preferences (using MailChimp customizable forms)

  • Include a checkbox if they want more information about applying to the program

Goal 3:  Eliminate the need to login to Neon to update email preferences (MailChimp can handle this)

Goal 4: Training on how to create a customizable campaign with MailChimp

Goal 5: (Nice to have) Create a forward to a friend mechanism with MailChimp


Scope (Option 2)

1.     Having multiple lists is confusing. Too many options and the form is too long.

a.       Registering needs to be easier. How do I make registering for our mailing list simple and still have enough information to segment my audiences based on their preferences? Right now I have five mailing lists.

b.       Capturing email preferences. Currently a subscriber has to create a Neon account and login to update their email preferences. The login portal is hard to navigate and I’ve had trouble configuring that. I’d prefer to use the Neon portal for donors only and not have mailing list subscribers log in. How do I allow mailing list subscribers to update preferences? Should I worry about that? Specifically…

                  Can they update their own email address?

                  Can they elect to get information for just their county?

                  Can they opt out of donation solicitation emails?

                  Where should this information be captured, in Neon or in MailChimp?

2.       How do I use our email list to help with our recruiting efforts?

How do I know if the person subscribing to our email list is a potential applicant; someone who has come to our site because they might be interested in applying to our program but they want more information? Should I worry about that, or just treat all new subscribers the same?

How do I trigger an automatic email to new subscribers?

What action item should be in that automatic email? Do I ask them to send us more information about them? Do I give them the option to request a phone call?  If so, do I need a form setup to allow them to take one or more of these steps?

Should a second or third automatic email be planned out as well? Is that possible in MailChimp?

Since there is a Neon events WP widget, should our automatic emails encourage people to register for an event? Right now we don’t ask people to register to our outreach events, they can just show up.


The solution needs to focus on using MailChimp with their site and not doing anything with NeonCrm.  We can import existing contacts from their CRM into MailChimp that they can use for campaigns going forward.

Dance Another World

Dawn Mann | |  (512) 507-6408

Mission Statement: Dance Another World is an English language immersion program taught through dance. Serving non-native English speaking girls from lower-socioeconomic areas, Dance Another World is offered as an after-school program in the Austin Independent School District and works with programs like Girls Empowerment Network, Safeplace, Refugee Services of Texas and other great local organizations.

Geographic service area: We are an innovative program with a certain niche, but have similar missions as to Girls Empowerment Network, Latinitas and SafePlace.

Project Scope


The organisation has been donated the Paramount event center for their showcase on Dec 3rd.  This is a huge deal and she wants a way to promote it.


A website, either connected to their current one or completely different, advertising this event with information on how to buy tickets, as well as some advertising on what they do, who their big sponsors are and how they can work with other organisations and schools.


Current website is in Wordpress.  Ideally would allow for selling of tickets (she already sells items through current website so has something for accepting payment there at least).


Dawn originally was looking for help more with PR then with anything web based.  Their current website was just redesigned, at a cost of $1200.  If we are doing any partnering with Build a Sign this year I recommend you pass her info on to them as well.

She also was looking for information on how to properly use social media to advertise what they do to a broader audience

Shawn Peterson, Colin Lancaster - Project Scoper

Dawn Mann - Organisation Contact



Tamara Hudgins | | (512) 536-0196

Mission Statement: Girlstart’s mission is to increase girls’ interest and engagement in STEM through innovative, nationally-recognized informal STEM education programs. By empowering more girls to continue STEM studies, we can help address our nation’s STEM workforce inequities and impact innovation and economic development in America and across the globe. To accomplish its mission, Girlstart develops and implements a range of innovative, research- and standards-based education programs designed to promote girls’ early engagement and academic success in STEM, encourage girls' aspirations and persistence in STEM education and careers, and incubate a talented and diverse STEM workforce. Girlstart aspires to be the national leader in designing and implementing innovative, high quality informal STEM education programs that inspire girls to transform our world.

Project Scope


Need a way to access DeSTEMber activities on a mobile specific view. Needs to work well on phones/tablets and be device agnostic.


Mobile friendly version of DeSTEMber calendar in their existing Joomla site.


Girlstart will provide word docs/pdfs of DeSTEMber activity content. Need a somewhat friendly way to create new years and upload new activities for them. Also need to be able to unlock activities on a weekly basis (not all are viewable at the outset).

They have an existing Joomla site with DeSTEMber calendar ( They will provide access to their Joomla hosting. Not opposed to other hosting solutions, but it would be easiest to integrate with their existing platform. They currently use Host Gator.

Things to get before GiveCamp weekend

  • Current web site assets
  • Word Docs & PDFs of DeSTEMber activities
  • HostGator/Joomla credentials for access to existing site


Tamara is the main contact at Girlstart.

Grief to Peace (

Mary LePori |  (512) 585-0091 |

Mission Statement: The Grief to Peace project is dedicated to promote hope for our service members, veterans, and their families that have suffered visible or invisible injuries of war, as well as for any adult or child experiencing the devastating loss of a loved one.

Geographic service area: When Vets Gather TV series is airing in Ft. Hood area, soon Laredo and Austin PAC with others in future. Episodes posted on Worldwide Web. Other orgs doing this?

Project Scope


They recently launched a new service that has a different audience but has to use the same web page.  They originally wanted us to create a new site and split out the content on their current site appropriately.  However, their current site is in wordpress and the person who was maintaining it has been deployed to Afghanistan and so is no longer able to assist them.  So we recommended, and they agreed, that we should split the site and move both sites to Squarespace.  Richard did want to be sure he could observe the developers using this site so he could learn how to work with it himself.  They also had a few extra features that if time allows they would like to see added (those will be listed in solution)


Main goal of the weekend is to stand up two Squarespace sites and move the appropriate content from the current Wordpress site to each of them.  I have attached a word document with powerpoint slide that is cross referenced to explain what content will go to what site as well as some of the extras they would like if there is time.

The extra wish list items are as follows:

  1. Google Calendar filtering by distance
    1. Right now all of their events show on a google calendar on their site but they would like people to be able to filter by proximity to them so they do not see a lot of events they cannot attend
  2. There is a scrolling picture widget at the bottom of the page they want to be at the top instead
  3. Right now they have information about national resources on their site.  They would like to have a password protected area where peer leaders can post local resources that can be seen by everyone


They are prepared to pay for two Squarespace sites at the lowest level since all they need to do is accept donations.  


Scopers - Shawn Peterson, Erin Knight

Organization Contacts - Mary and Richard LePori

KnockOut Volleyball, Inc.

Thia Coward | |  (512) 636-3612

Mission Statement: KnockOutVolleyball, Inc. is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit created in order to serve as an outreach program to provide access to individuals with limited financial means that would otherwise exclude them from participating in competitive club volleyball outside of the school day, establishing an atmosphere where all players and family members feel a sense of belonging.

Geographic Service Area: Austin, and surrounding area. Austin performance volleyball, Austin Juniors Volleyball.

Project Scope


After sitting with Thia to talk about the two projects she submitted, we came to the conclusion that Project #1 wasn't doable in a weekend (build a mobile app for inter-team communication) and Project #2 could be done, although there wouldn't be much to be gained, so we're not going to do that either.

We're going to work a project that'll transform their current site to help resolve some of administrative issues they are facing today.

The problem that Knockout Volleyball faces is that to sign up for their leagues, you have a fill out a paper form someone from the non-profit (Thia) loads that information into a master spreadsheet. At times, Thia may have several dozen applications to load into the spreadsheet which can cause a bit of a delay between when someone signs up and when they'll be contacted for the first time.  Building a site the would allow people to sign up online would be a huge help in allow more kids into the problem even faster.  Along with the ability to have players sign up online, she'd like the ability to take donations to Knockout Volleyball as well as sell merchandise.   

There is also another aspect we could look at during the weekend and that is to make a recommendation on a mass texting platform. A lot of the team communication happens via text, right now it's just groups that are held on Thia's husband's phone.  I believe we could at a minimum, make a recommendation for a platform they could utilize to assist with texting players, coaches, teams and leagues.


Thia's site is a Wordpress site. so the first solution that came to mind was to determine if there are some plugins we could leverage to capture signup information, take non-profit donations and sell merchandise. I'm not confident we could find a combination on plugins that would end up working for Knockout Volleyball. I did speak to Thia about the possibility to paying for a service (like Squarespace), which could give her all of the functionality she wants for a nominal cost.  She seemed open to the idea,at first, and once I showed her all it could do, she really got excited about using it.

It would be my recommendation that we move her site over to Squarespace during the GiveCamp weekend.  Squarespace has the ability to create custom forms (backed by Google Spreadsheets and Mailchimp), take donations, sell merchandise and it s a completely responsive site that would allow players/coaches/parents to access information on whatever platform they choose.


Rehost Knockout Volleyball from Wordpress to Squarespace.

Current SiteMap:

Page Second PageURL


About Us


 Our Logo



 Rosters for 2014-2015


 Player Commitments




Contact Us



Items to get before GiveCamp Weekend:

  • All current web assets
  • Example Sign up Form
  • Need Thia to sign up for account
  • Bank account information to deposit money into
  • Pick a template for the new site
  • Photos that can be used on the site

Thia will be part of the GiveCamp weekend and we need to make sure we do two things:

  • Pull her into the new site creation as she's got interest in how it gets done
  • Ensure she's got all the information necessary to carry the site forward

Sign up application

Libraries of Love

Trudy Marshall | |  (512) 461-7274

The purpose of Libraries of Love is to partner with Africans to create libraries in individual schools. Through reading,students will develop a love or literature, as well as strengthen their knowledge in each curriculum subject area. Lifelong readers becomme lifelong learners. Therefore, the libraries will serve as bridges to a better future for the children of Uganda.

At present:
36 school libraries
36 sponsored children
1 student in college (six college graduates)
food program feeding 40 children a day.

Mission Statement: Each library is well stocked and organized. Each is a life-time commitment. We constantly train librarians, staff, and principals. Libraries are restocked as books are worn or lost. As Director, I live in Uganda six months each year.

Geographic service area: Austin area. Other organizations provide books, but we haven't found organizations that provide actual libraries that are comparable to libraries in America.

Project Scope


The Libraries of Love website went down unexpectedly after it was comprised. A temporary Wordpress site was launched for the interim but it needs polishing and there is some content that would be useful to migrate from the old site.


Polishing the Wordpress site by applying a modern theme and migrate more media content from the old site.


The main need is someone proficient in Wordpress to dress up the new site. If we can stand up the old site locally, then migrating some of the most useful content would be an added benefit.


Project Scoper: Ecleamus Ricks

Organization Contact: Trudy Marshall