Dance Another World

Dawn Mann | |  (512) 507-6408

Mission Statement: Dance Another World is an English immersion program taught through dance, serving non-native English speaking students from lower-socioeconomic areas in our community.

Geographic service area: The general Austin area--AISD, Eligin ISD and Del Valle ISD.

Project Scope


  • We want to make our website more user-friendly. This means, we want to find an easier way to update it regularly and connect it with our social media outlets. We also want to explore ways of offering online curriculum on a membership basis.
  • Our program has grown more than we could have ever dreamed of, but because of it, we are having a hard time keeping up with the need--including our international need and have a very minimal budget. Our site is outdated, somewhat difficult to explore and not offering visitors an insight of what we offer.


Uplift their current Wordpress site.


There are 3 main objectives they would like to accomplish:

  1. Training on how to make changes to their Wordpress site hosted on GoDaddy (Dawn said they will be able to provide the credentials).  They haven't made any changes to the website since last GiveCamp because they don't know how.
    1. Possibly create training materials in addition to walking them through how to make the changes
    2. Samantha mentioned specifically training on how to use the visual composer.
  2. Guidance on the changes that they should make to their website to make it more interactive and user-friendly for their students.  They didn't have many specifics on what needs to be made more user friendly, but they did mention that they liked the search box.
    1. They have a Twitter feed on the site, but they don't user Twitter
    2. They are most active on Facebook
  3. The ability for users to sign-up for a video subscription, which I think is what they mean when they say make the website more interactive.  
    1. It would be a monthly membership (~$10) and they would release 1 video per week, and the users would be able to watch past week's videos as well.  
    2. Brandon mentioned emailing people private links to videos once they have subscribed to the  membership, but they seemed a little scared of those links being shared to the public without payment.  
    3. They also think the payment portion is required, they don't want to post videos for free.
    4. There should be a few videos recorded by GiveCamp and they want to launch the service in January.


Project Scopers - Adam Cowart & Brandon Pugh

Organization Contact for Scoping - Dawn Mann