You Are Awesome.

Thanks for being willing to bring your non-profit to be apart of GiveCamp. Getting work scoped for the weekend is the most important part of a successful GiveCamp weekend.  

The form below is the first step in getting the information we need to get the projects setup for success on the weekend of GiveCamp. Please fill out as much information as you can about the projects you'd like to be considered for GiveCamp.  

We've got two identical sections to help you denote multiple projects.  "Project #1" is required. If you have another project that you'd like to be considered for GiveCamp you can use the fields under "Project #2". Keep in mind that we'll only have a weekend to work on any project, keeping the projects well defined (and relatively small) ensures we can have a successful weekend.

If you have any questions about filling out this form, please contact or call Ben Heebner at 610.952.1378

Once you've submitted this form, someone from Austin GiveCamp will be reaching out to finalize the project scoping details.


Project Information

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Your Name:
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If you've got more than one idea that could be completed during the GiveCamp weekend, you can put those details here.
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What size t-shirts we should order for you (if multiple people are attending list out all the sizes)? T-Shirts are unisex and come in sizes S - 3XL