El Buen Samaritano

El Buen Samaritano


Joshua Garza | jgarza@elbuen.org |   (512) 439-8920

Mission Statement: El Buen Samaritano is an outreach ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas committed to helping Latino and other families in Central Texas lead healthy, productive and secure lives through high-quality and affordable healthcare, education and financial security services.

Geographic Service Area: Travis County and surrounding area

Project Scope


  • Create a friendlier user experience for our current website, that may include creating or altering our current Wordpress template.


El Buen uses currently uses Wordpress. It would be my recommendation that we transition the current website to a new Wordpress template or possible something like Squarespace.


  • Uplift or build a brand new website with content from the existing website found at http://elbuen.org

  • Intention is to move all content to the new site. Josh will help guide the team to determine if there are pages/functionality that can be deprecated

  • Considerations

    • Visual

      • New site should be more "media heavy"

    • Open to moving to an entirely new Wordpress template or to another low-cost platform like Squarespace

    • Newsletter

      • Hooked up to constant contact

    • Social platform connections

      • Some plugins to pull content into the site

    • Contact Us Form

    • Fully Responsive

    • Josh will provide some media that can be used on the new site

    • Josh will provide a test-platform (built from existing site) for work during the GiveCamp Weekend

    • Accessibility

      • Note the "Language and Font" module on the right side of some of the pages, the new site will need the same functionality

      • Need to ensure new site works well with screen readers (for visual impaired users)

Josh will be part of the GiveCamp weekend and we need to make sure we do two things:

  • Pull him into the new site creation as he's got interest in how it gets done

  • Ensure he's got all the information necessary to carry the site forward

Roles Needed:

  • Project Manager

  • Developers

  • Designers