Little Helping Hands

Little Helping Hands

Marissa Vogel || (512) 358-6943

Mission Statement: Our mission is to engage children in volunteerism and empower them to make a difference in their communities.

Geographic service area: Austin Area

Project Scope



Technology enhancements to reduce manual work, freeing up staff time. 

Develop a platform/system/application whereby volunteer attendance is uploaded into our CRM (Sales Force) automatically/real-time, eliminating manual entry

As our organization continues to scale its programs and services, we will need to better integrate technology solutions that will automate processes (freeing up staff time) and improve our data collection and reporting to support program growth and development initiatives. 

Currently, we execute 60-70 service activities each month. Each activity hosts 2-15 families, or 6 to 30 people total (parents and children). We track the participation/attendance of the adult/child at each activity and manually enter them into our CRM (SalesForce) after the activity. As our organization continues to grow the number of activities we host as well as increased needs to track volunteer time for our other programs, we will need to find a solution that further automates our processes so we can better utilize staff time and free up human capital to work on other program initiatives that further our mission.


Allow data collection of data from events from a tablet.

  • Currently, a roster is exported (csv format) from a Wordpress plug-in that event coordinators print and mark.

    • Data collected includes attendance and a freeform notes shirt

    • Sheet is also used to tell coordinator information, such as T-shirt sizes, any gifts for the volunteers.

  • Plan to export roster to a Google Doc instead, so that entry can be done on a tablet at the event

Stretch Goal: Automate data entry from the event sheet into Salesforce

  • After the event, the roster must be imported into Salesforce

    • Attendees identified by email address

    • Roster sheet does not currently have the email, so would need to be modified to allow easier update

They already have a tool that can pull data out of several data sources (Salesforce, their signup provider) that just needs some tweaks in order to get it in the right state for the import.  The documentation for that tool is above and was created by UT students a while back as a WordPress plugin.  It's missing the email addresses, which would be needed.

Rather than generate a CSV, if this could be exported to Google Docs, that would make the process easier - the person taking attendance and updating notes could just mark it on the document.  Ideally, at the end, this document then would get sucked back into Salesforce to update the values automatically, rather than have someone manually enter it.


Zip file posted in Little Helping Hands Slack Channel

Project Scoper - Anne Epstein & Dean Goodman

Organization Contact for Scoping - Alexa Garcia-Ditta and Emily Martin