NARAL Pro-Choice Texas

NARAL Pro-Choice Texas

Alexa Garcia-Ditta | |  (713) 301-6780

Mission Statement: NARAL Pro-Choice Texas Foundation’s mission is to use education, training, organizing and public policy to support and protect all Texans’ freedom to make personal reproductive health decisions and to guarantee access to the full range of options, including timely and affordable access to abortion. We envision a day when every person in Texas can access the full range of affordable and timely reproductive health options and have those decisions honored and supported by their communities.

Geographic service area: Texas

Project Scope



The overarching goal of our proposed GiveCamp project is a redesign of NARAL Pro-Choice Texas' main website to better highlight our programs, fundraising campaigns, legislative work and blog. We also want the website to better showcase our brand and strengthen our identify as the leading reproductive right policy experts and advocates at the state and municipal levels.


They would like a new website they is both easier to use than Wordpress, and better appeals to the audience they are trying to expand, namely younger people and people of color-in particular they want them to know about their leadership programs and volunteer opportunities.  The new website should be easy to navigate, and interactive and engaging. It is also important that the new website be mobile-friendly, and easy to update. They would like a blog, and they would like to highlight their email list and donation page. They would like some help with organization of content if possible, but they plan on working on it leading up to the event themselves. They want to highlight their policy work and investigative programs as well.


One of them tried out SquareSpace previously and thought it seemed easier to use, so they are interested in that for a new platform. They have been informed that Squarespace does not have special non-profit pricing. 

If we have an Information Architect / Designer folks attending (we have in the past), they could be of real use in getting the site's content better organized.  They have a lot of content and have expressed interest in paring down the number of pages in the site.

Initial plan would be a focus on 

  1. Bringing the website into Squarespace

  2. Creating a new, simpler, more engaging homepage.

    1. Focus on appealing to young people, and people of color

    2. twitter feed

    3. visual/spotlight element

    4. blogroll

    5. call to donate

    6. call to join the mailing list

    7. mobile-friendly

  3. A couple of other key pages to get them started/templates, etc. May change as organization work continues:

    1. Donation page

    2. Blog

    3. Donate page

    4. About us

  4. They would continue to populate the website after Givecamp.

Scopers requested they gather Wordpress and Cloudflare logins for easier transfer of content and domains, as well as any specific assets NARAL would like to feature.

Mailing list and donation already handled by a separate tool (EveryAction), so functionality of those beyond linking from the website is not in-scope.

Making sure Emily is able to use Squarespace by Sunday afternoon would be part of closing out this project.


Project Scoper - Anne Epstein & Dean Goodman

Organization Contact for Scoping - Alexa Garcia-Ditta and Emily Martin