The Life of Freedom Center

The Life of Freedom Center

Jorge Veitia | |  (786) 566-2045

Mission Statement: Our mission at the Life of Freedom Center is to equip and mobilize communities to combat sex trafficking in their own backyard. We accomplish this by spreading awareness to children about the dangers of sex trafficking, making communities safer thru regular outreach and surveying for activities that are suspect of sex trafficking and most importantly, to increase opportunities for the healing of all survivors of sex trafficking from physical, psychological and spiritual wounds and live a life of freedom from further abuse and exploitation.

We draw encouragement from II Corinthians 3:17, “…where the Spirit of the Lord is found, there is freedom” in working closely with churches and other community partners so clients can access quality resources and support within their immediate community.

Geographic service area: South Florida but we train teams that work with us all over the nation.

Project Scope


  • The result of a successful partnership would be a website that would make it easier for survivors of human trafficking to get help and access additional resources, for volunteers and staff to easily sign-up for training and activities, for donors to clearly understand the mission and results we are achieving because of their support.

  • Our website does not accurately depict the services and resources available to survivors of human trafficking. It is also difficult for individuals to use available tools that the Life of Freedom Center provides so they can effectively respond to human trafficking in their own community. Conducting a make-over of he website would vastly improve the experience for both clients and staff.


Uplift their current Wordpress site.


Uplift of the existing site, looking to streamline the site

Difference between client and staff (two different personas)

  • Clients (survivors of human trafficking) to get information

    • Right now it's buried under two menus

      • Programs → referrals

  • Backend database

    • Once a user is registered, they can access more resources

  • Bootcamp

    • Training modules

  • Logo updating and branding

  • Use forms to populate a google map

    • User can view the area

  • Need for the start of GiveCamp

    • Media 

    • Registered Accounts


Project Scoper - Ben Heebner

Organization Contact for Scoping - Jorge Veitia