The SEED Adult & Family Learning Community

The SEED Adult & Family Learning Community

Cameron Allen | |  (512) 810-3920

Mission Statement: At The SEED Adult and Family Learning Community, we define and redefine ourselves, our communities, and our realities by creating and sharing knowledge through language and literacy classes and community engagement.

Geographic service area: Austin (Primarily Southeast Austin)

Project Scope

PROJECT #1 & 2


  • The overarching goal of our first project is to increase private donations, large and small, from our pre-existing and future networks. I want to create a channel that facilitates easy, secure, and personalized financial donations to The SEED. I hope to create a clean, simple, and engaging place that inspires people to join us by contributing in the specific ways we need at any given time.

  • Being a young and small organization focused mostly on the immense job of democratizing the adult education space, we simply don't have time to build fundraising platforms that are up-to-date, engaging, and satisfying experiences for donors. In lieu of doing a poor job, we typically don't do it at all! That leads to an obvious result, which is that we simply don't get many donations. As a program that challenges people's assumptions about adult education, we really need to build a base of sustained donors. I feel like cleaning up the process through a really great site provides us with the best shot at creating this base.


Uplift their current Squarespace site.


Current site is Squarespace.

Accomplish the following:

  • Uplift the current design to make it more streamlined and accessible

  • Reorganize site structure align with different user personas in mind

    • Student

    • Volunteer

    • Donor

  • Leverage Squarespace for taking donations

  • Lay the foundation for enabling Spanish on the website

  • Stretch: Find a way to connect the experiences of his students and volunteers back to the organization. Looking to either build out or integrate into existing platforms to do this.

    • For example:

      • Bring the Twitter feed for the organization into the site

      • Create a form on the website for people to submit "their story", which could get turned around into content for the website


Project Scoper - Ben Heebner

Organization Contact for Scoping - Cameron Allen