Aging Services Council of Central Texas

Aging Services Council of Central Texas

Amy Temperley | |   (512) 592-2805

Mission Statement: The Aging Services Council of Central Texas is a collaboration of organizations and individuals who work to ensure that older adults, their families, and caregivers have the resources they need.

Geographic service area: Central Texas

Project Scope



Develop a streamlined, updated website that provides relevant information for our stakeholders which includes: the general public seeking information on aging, political/government/social services seeking data and programs on aging services in our community, upcoming events of our membership organizations and information on and for our members.

We are looking for an easy to use, easy to update site that can be a true resource versus just a place for our phone number and mission.


Build a new site.


  • Build a brand new website with content from the existing website found at

  • Not all pages will transfer to the new site, Amy will help guide the team as to what content needs to be moved from the old site

  • There content that exists in the existing site that lives a PDF. Need to pull this information out into a page that is more easily readable (and findable by search engine bots)

    • Click on the "View this matrix of services provided by Aging Services Council member organizations" on the main homepage of the non-profit for an example of this.

  • Considerations

    • Accessibility

      • Aging Services Council target seniors and care givers for seniors. Site would need fonts/colors that allow for these groups to access the site

        • Perhaps run an accessibility scan? 

      • Need to ensure new site works well with screen readers (for visual impaired users)

    • Most of the site would be static content that is updated infrequently, however main page would need to be able to display announcements for upcoming event and activities

      • Squarespace might be a good options for this as it has an "announcement bar" you can set at the top, and it's got the concept of an event calendar where events can be highlighted on the site

    • The next site should be more media heavy and align better with their demographics

    • Site needs to be easily maintainable

    • Membership area is currently being maintained using

      • New site would need to integrate with that (just link)

      • Open to other options as well

  • Contraints:

    • Since the non-profit has multiple stake holders, each of the members of the non-profit would need to approve a new site so the work from the GiveCamp week would need to be in a "test" area

    • Open to using a low-cost option like Squarespace

Project #2 - (Stretch Goal)


If there was any time available, the organization could use a one-page handout or brochure possibly with the same look and feel of the website. The group would also be open to an update of the logo (maybe looking at font/colors) to give it greater impact and a fresh look.


Develop a new logo and branding assets. Build a one-page handout or brochure.

Project Scoper - Ben Heebner

Organization Contact for Scoping - Amy Temperley