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Jenny Stucky | |  (512) 505-0911

Mission Statement: To engage and empower youth through education and outdoor experiences.

Geographic service area: Austin

Project Scope

  • Austin YMBL Sunshine Camps recently opened a brand new facility, Zilker Lodge. The primary use of this facility is to operate afterschool and summer camp programs for at risk youth. However, we have also begun to rent the facility in order to generate a more sustainable form of income. Our goal for participating in GiveCamp would be to improve communication, scheduling and automation with facility rentals processes to enable management of a busier schedule and to move into other markets.

  • Austin YMBL Sunshine Camps has provided free programs to low income, high potential children in the Austin community for more than 88 years. As a nonprofit organization we rely on donations from individuals and corporations to operate our programs. GiveCamp could help Austin YMBL Sunshine Camps streamline our operations and improve our efficiency so the rental process could be more easily managed. Rentals is our only true source of sustainable income so it is important that we streamline this process and provide the best customer service that we can. 

    • Below are some specific challenges that we are facing with our rental management:

      • Currently there is data sharing issues with data moving from Outlook/Google calendars

      • We are unaware of more efficient off the shelf/open source solutions for scheduling

      • No ability for self-scheduling or for a client to see available dates/times online with our current system/process

      • Currently all client information is received via phone, email or internet webpage and manually entered into various forms, calendars and contracts

      • Currently all documents, forms and processes are not automated or interconnected


Uplift their current Weebly site (or migrate to a different platform)


Take existing site ( to be able to intelligently take data in for better integration

  • Right now a lot of the data entry happens manually

  • Explore Weebly further to determine if data from the site can be integrated better (

    • Would be open to moving platforms

Calendar integration

  • Austin Sunshine Camp uses Outlook

  • Austin Young Men's Business League uses Google Calendar

  • Need to build a "source of truth" for Sunshine Camp events

  • Integration between Outlook and Google Calendar


Project Scoper - Ben Heebner

Organization Contact for Scoping - Jenny Stucky