Austin Foster Closet

Austin Foster Closet

Lyndee McKinley | |   (512) 547-0450

Mission Statement: Austin Foster Closet works to cultivate sustainability in foster homes that are committed to providing healthy homes for children in the foster care system.

Austin Foster Closet was founded by a foster parent, for foster parents. Our goal is to provide resources and connections that will make it possible for foster parents to keep their home open longer, providing more children with the temporary homes they need..

Project Scope


Project #1

I'd like some help with our website. There are few areas that I think could be improved:
- Better integration of our donate page into the website, maybe embed it somehow?
- If possible, it'd be great to have donations align with the services they would provide (like a storefront)
- If time permits, I'd be open to uplifting the entire the site design/usability

Having an easy to use website and donation form will help ensure we can reach as many people as possible.

Project #2

We could use help with marketing in general, with a focus in two areas:
1- We'd like help with building out marketing strategy. There are lots of tools/options/platforms for reaching out to donors (existing and potential), and we could use assistance in understanding how to leverage what is out there to build a robust marketing strategy.
2- Design new promotional materials. This could be material for handing to donors digital and analog, or even some t-shirt designs

Getting help with marketing is crucial to getting the word out about out new non-profit. We want to get visibility to reach as many people as we can.


We'll try and tackle 2 projects for Austin Foster Closet during the weekend


Project 1

General website updates.

  • We should look at the current website platform (WiX) and associated integrations (GivingFuel & MailChimp) to determine if it the best long term plan going forward. 

  • Update/refresh or improve the existing website experience to give a user a seamless way to get information and donors a way to donate money

Project 2

Develop a marketing strategy

  • Determine the marketing goals for Austin Foster Closet and build a marketing strategy that would help them achieve their goals

  • Look at the existing tools being used (Giving Fuel and Mailchimp) and determine how they would fit into the marketing strategy. Or if needed, recommend new tools