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Colin’s Hope

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Mission Statement: Our mission is to raise water safety awareness to prevent children from drowning.

Project Scope


Project #1

Convert our pre- and post-survey evaluation for our preschool water safety curriculum and parent surveys into a digital, online or app-based approach. 

Dustin Wells recommended a new subdomain like with a responsive design website for this. We need a digital way to administer the surveys to children before and after they receive the water safety lessons and to their parents before and after a parent orientation session as well as a way to collect and view the data.

We are a very small organization with limited resources to get this accomplished. However, if we are able to conduct the program evaluation more efficiently and simply, we can continue to prove that the program WORKS to raise children's water safety knowledge. This impact data will allow us to seek grants and monetary donations to bring the program to more children and families.

Right now, we are only able to survey a small sample of the program participants due to the inefficiency of our current system. This tool will allow us to survey many more, if not all of our program participants.

Project #2


Evaluations - currently

  • They send out a paid evaluator to the lessons

    • Very time consuming

  • Evaluations today

    • Picture based

    • Evaluator uses a script (both English/Spanish)

    • 6 questions

      • 3 framed comic strip

    • Would be great to have it be voice-enabled and closed captioned

    • Are open to paying away this issue

    • They are capturing some information about each test taker

    • They have a waiver that the 

  • Going digital

    • would allow other groups to use their curriculum

    • Would be great if it could capture:

      • Gender, age, (stretch - First name, last initial), Spanish/English, location

      • Need some way to categorize or group the test takers, like if the YMCA has 8 classes

Water Safety Quiz

  • Built by Austin GiveCamp a few year ago

  • Lives on the website today

  • Would like to make it more responsive

  • Move to a subdomain

  • Stretch

    • People put in their zip code whenever they take the quiz

They are going rotate through a bunch of folks during the weekend

Alyssa, Jessica, Jeff (Colin's dad), and their graphic designer will be in attendance during the weekend of GiveCamp.


For GiveCamp 2019, we'll be trying to tackle both of Colin's Hope projects. 

Project #1

For this project we'll be buying/building a platform that can host the pre and post survey evaluation. Currently, it is a very manual process, and limited by the number of people the Colin's Hope can pay to get out to each instructional session. The goal for the weekend is the following:

  • Find a platform that can host an online quiz, which can be taken on different form factors (tablets, laptops, maybe phones?)

    • It doesn't necessarily need to be free, but the cost needs to be low. 

  • Take the existing evaluation and digitize it into the survey

    • This includes the questions (which are picture based)

    • Audio tracks of the questions (need to investigate options)

    • If possible, use a platform that does closed captioning?

  • Capture answers as well as demographic data

  • Ensure the platform can group responses (e.g. instructional classes)

  • Ensure the data can get back into their CRM

Needs from Colin's Hope Staff

  • Digital assets associated with each of the pre and post evaluation quizzes

  • Audio recordings of the evaluation questions

  • Access to the CRM that the evaluation data should be saved to

    • This isn't mandatory as the results might just be a .csv or something that gets emails

Project #2

The second project is an extension of the Austin GiveCamp project done a few years ago. There is an existing water safety quiz that can be found their website: For the event weekend: we'll be:

  • Making that quiz more responsive and mobile friendly

  • Moving to a new sub-domain on their existing domain (maybe

  • As time permits, take the demographic data from the quiz and plot it on a map. 

Needs from Colin's Hope Staff

  • Access to the exist code that has the quiz

  • Access to the domain registrar to add a sub-domain