Gabriella’s Smile Foundation

Gabriella’s Smile Foundation

Isabel Torres | |   (210) 670-6200

Mission Statement: Our MISSION is to help families, fund research and raise awareness for DIPG and pediatric brain cancer. 

Our VISION is to help families and provide them with the necessary resources during the most critical times. No family should fight cancer alone.

Project Scope


We would like to update our website to make it a bit more current and user friendly. We would like to add a built in application for our grants. Making sure our website looks professional and modern is important to us. Matching brochure and materials would be a bonus.

We are looking to grow and will be applying for grants this year. We need our website to better define and showcase who we are for major donors in our community. Make it more user friendly for families seeking financial assistance.


Currently using one&one 

  • Pretty user friendly and easy

  • Isabel and husband are the only people working in the non-profit

  • Looking for ways to make it better

  • Would great if the was a way to connect faster than email, maybe a chat?

  • Willing to move it to Squarespace if they'll be able to maintain it going forward


During the GiveCamp weekend we'll be lifting their existing website (hosting by on their platform/website builder). We'll need to make sure each of the pages are accounted for, along with all content. We should evaluate the current structure to ensure it's providing cleanest experience for the user's coming to their site.

Few things to keep in mind:

  • Users will find their site because there just isn't a lot of content in the web that is similar to the content that Leap of Joy has

    • When users do find their site for the first time, we should be mindful about connecting them to resources that can help. If it's difficult to navigate and find information, people might go elsewhere. Given their potential state of mind, even slightly-hard-to-find data may seem too difficult for users to navigate

  • We should be very mindful of setting up and configuring SEO for this site

  • The site MUST be easy to maintain 

Stretch goals:

  • Isabel has asked about shortening the time is takes for someone to reach out through the website and then having someone respond. We could accomplish this a few different ways:

    • Add a live-chat feature to the site. There are a number of free/paid services that could be dropped into a Squarespace site

    • Add a IFTTT trigger to text a phone number when someone fills out a form

  • Project #2

Scoped by: Ben Heebner