Leap of Joy

Leap of Joy


Judy Richardson | jrichardson@leapofjoy.org |   (512) 507-3310

Mission Statement: Moving to empower and enhance the lives of under privileged, at risk youth through dance and theater in after school and summer camp programming..

Project Scope


Diane Khiong, our media and tech person could use assistance on upgrading our website and with other technical issues. We work with school kids in low income areas of Austin. We teach dance and t heater in after school and summer camp programming. We have a small staff and are limited in resources and knowledge. All of the grants we apply for always want our web address and other social media info. The website is in serious need for an upgrade. Diane wants information from experts in the field for suggestions and guidance to move forward.


  • Website was originally built a few years ago

  • They are one site-ground (hosting provider)

  • Diane has been working in GoDaddy

  • Make it more accessible

    • Applications

      • It does happen now, but it's difficult to use

    • Deep linking to parts of the website for sharing on social media

  • Two main goals

    • Ease of use

    • Eye catching

  • They were using Wordpress

  • Diane has moved it over to GoDaddy

    • It's built within GoDaddy's page engine

  • They are open to using something like Squarespace


Over the GiveCamp weekend we'll be helping to uplift up the current Leap of Joy website. We're going to focus on two things for thew new website:

  • Ease of use

  • Eye catching

Diane is going to look into possible Squarespace templates that they could use to rebuild the site. We'll need to help get the content from the existing platform and into Squarespace. We'll also need to help them configure the domain, connected accounts, and existing data. The site is sizable and they have a lot of media we'll need to bring into the site. One thing to be mindful of is ensuring they can edit the site going forward.

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