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Mission Statement: myPadilla leverages technology to provide technical assistance to criminal defense attorneys in Texas regarding the immigration consequences of contact with the criminal justice system so that their immigrant clients are empowered to make informed decisions and meet their immigration goals. Believing that the intersection of criminal and immigration systems propounds inequity and harms our communities, myPadilla brings together criminal and immigration law communities to proactively protect immigrants across Texas from pernicious laws and policies.

Project Scope


We would like to build a log-in and dashboard for one set of users of our tool (criminal defense attorneys). As a secondary priority but related to this, we’d like to update the live intake form with inter-page navigation.

Currently the users can only submit an intake. They have told us that they need to be able to log in to see (and download) a previously submitted intake, return to that intake to edit / add information, and track all the intakes they have submitted. Depending on capacity, this could include a functionality for pointing out skipped questions/blank answers from a previous use.
As to the navigation bars: Right now users can only click “previous” or “next” page, out of 8 pages. Having these navigation bars will be a useful concept within the dashboard, too, as users who log in will want to easily navigate to the page where they need to edit/amend previous submission.


The main function of myPadilla is to provide immigration legal advice to criminal defense 

myPadilla need a more robust form intake solution. Currently a user (typically a criminal defense lawyer) will submit a form full of data in regards to a case they are working. This ends up ends up being a one-way communication from the criminal defense lawyer back to the immigration lawyer. myPadilla is looking to build a more robust solution that allows a criminal defense lawyer to fill out a form (in any order they want), submit it into the system and get a response from an immigration lawyer. This will be a more or less a case management system that will allow two-way communication between a criminal defense lawyer and an immigration lawyer.

Current intake form:

  • 8 steps

  • When they click submit, it send information into the backend where only Julie can see it.

  • Wordpress

  • Rather than an intake form behind a common password, they like a way to register specific user accounts

Intake form is cumbersome

  • Have to hit Next/Previous

Current site is Wordpress

Look at GravityView plugin