Mexic-Arte Museum

Mexic-Arte Museum

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Mexic-Arte Museum is dedicated to cultural enrichment and education through the collection, preservation and presentation of traditional and contemporary Mexican, Latino, and Latin American art and culture to promote dialogue and develop understanding for visitors of all ages.

Project Scope


We are currently focused on rebranding and building a new website. While it might not be feasible to accomplish this during the GiveCamp weekend, we want to set out to build a rebranding and website scope of work, and gain consulting knowledge on how to best proceed with these endeavors.

We want a website that is CMS and CRM integratabtle, that allows donations to be processed, and memberships to be signed up for digitally. We want to be able to advertise our exhibitions and ultimately create a digital repository of our exhibitions for online viewers, once the collections are digitized, similar to what MoMA in New York has. We want the website to be able to be interactive with exhibitions, giving viewers deeper insights on the art we are displaying. We want the website to integrate well with our events and ticket-selling services.

Our website and brand are both outdated. Our website is not mobile friendly, and does not have event capacity, or the ability to inform viewers to the dynamic programming of the museum, or direct towards membership or donation processing. We want to create a better digital doorstep for the Museum and provide our guests and visitors with the most information possible on the museum and how to become involved.


Looking for a plan on how to build a new website

  • Needs

    • Secured with HTTPS

    • Allows for ticket sales

    • Detailed display of exhibitions

    • Working on digitizing the collection, would love something like MoMAs website

    • Want better CRM integration to build a donor base

    • Platform to allow people to donation, volunteer and contribute

  • Building will be closed for rebuidling in 5 years, need a strong digital presence then

  • Director would like an analysis of their existing digital strategy

  • If possible they'd be open to build an "in-visioning" session with the executive board


For the GiveCamp weekend, we'll be working with the staff in attendance to design out a new museum website. We won't be constructing it though, they have grant money to bring in a vendor to build it. What they'd like to accomplish during the weekend is to think about all the pieces that should be in the new site to accomplish their goals. We'll be building site maps, screen mocks, navigation, and recommending options for integration with other tools.