Dance Another World

Dawn Mann | |   (512) 920-3135

Mission Statement: The mission of Dance Another World is to serve non-native English speakers from lower socioeconomic areas and teach them to communicate through creative movement using teaching methods of Content-Based Instruction and Total Physical Response (TPR). Our program facilitates the following for our students: improve conversational English, bolster confidence communicating ideas and feelings, foster body confidence, self-efficacy, and positive self-image, discover new creative heights, acquire and build dance ability, develop positive relationships with peers and instructor, a safe space for learning, making mistakes, and growing.

Project Scope


We are featuring a sponsor a child option! With the help of GiveCamp, in addition to overall site cleanup, we're excited to work with a team on launching our Sponsor a Child program!


Looking to launch a campaign to sponsor a child with the goal of engaging with the donors in a deeper more consistent way.

  • Features

    • It should have some sort of Pen-pal aspect

      • Paper letters sent back and forth (possibility)

    • Want to connect the donor to the kids they are helping

    • Looking to add functionality to current website

    • They currently have families that have agreed to allow their children to be put onto the website

    • Once a donor contributes, they would be connected to that student to allow a donor to follow a student for an extended period of time


Goal: Build the functionality into the existing website to enable potential donors to give directly to children that are benefiting from the work done by Dance Another World. 

We'll need to look at their existing website/architecture and determine how best to add this functionality. I believe they are currently running on Wordpress.

Things we should investigate:

Beyond just the initial transaction of allowing a donor to contribute to specific "thing" for a child, Dance Another World would like to connect the child and donor to build deeper connection and allow the student to communicate back to the donors. This functionality is a little bit up in the air, so during the weekend we'll need to nail down how this could work.

Scoped by: Ben Heebner